Hi my name is Manny.  I was born in Gund Toy Manufacturers in Edison, New Jersey, but my dad found me at Amazon and brought me home as a present for my mom.  I am only seven, but I’ve been around the world.  I sometimes get in trouble.  I love stuffed animals, cats, dogs, people, especially girls.  I have a lot of friends.  I’d like to be your friend, and share fun times.

Manny in Toowoomba2

16 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you Ralph. You have a great blog, too. Mom won’t let me write on it though until I’m old enough to have my own picture on my comments. I think I’m old enough now. Bye Uncle Ralph. I miss you. xxxxx

      1. Please tell them about me. I love other Stuffeds. I have visited many places and been with all types of Stuffeds, all shapes and sizes. Some talk and some are quiet. I just don’t like the ones who squeeze me out of the picture. 🙂 Mom says I’m a photo bomber. Do you think I am, Miss Happy?

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