My Fabulous Trip to Florida

by Manny Ingrao

Remember my interview of Biasini? Well, we got to be really good friends. So, I asked Ma Leueen if I could come see him. She said I could come. Wow, was I excited!

Can you believe that my parents let me go to Florida? It was all kind of spur of the second. I asked, they said yes. Just like that, “yes.” Ma Leueen said I should wonder a little bit about that. Then she smiled. I wonder what she meant. She has a nice smile and is very kind.

Here are two pictures she let me post on my blog.

Crossing the country
in just my box and pillow
Gonna see my friend

Biasini, the horse
Ma Leueen taught me to ride.
"Sit up straight, Manny."

The end.
© Manny Ingrao 2022

Here is my friend, Biasini’s post. He is such a smart horse. So easy to ride. The weather is great here. Everything here is too much fun! My new friends took lots of pictures. You are going to wish you were here, too.

Don’t forget to read Ma Leueen’s other posts too. She knows a lot about horsing around. Maybe that’s why she let me come!!!

7 thoughts on “My Fabulous Trip to Florida

  1. How totally FUN!!! I have read about your adventures with Biasini and Ma Lueen on their post and wanted to say here you looked wonderful with your horse gear, and up riding your good friend Biasini!! Great times, and I’m glad your Ma let you travel to Florida. What a great adventure!! ❤️🐴🧸❤️

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