#WritePhoto: I Wonder…


My Mom’s friend, KL Caley has a challenge I’ve never done. I’m in love with this photo, KL.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a traditional toy box filled with teddies, blankets, hot water bottles and a jar of hot chocolate. Yummy!

I Wonder…

by Manny Ingrao

Julene and her travel box arrived at our house today. I love her shy eyebrows. I can tell why everyone loves her the first time they see her.

I wonder if she will like me?

She travels to see many bloggers just like I do. I’ve been all over Europe – more places than my mom or dad. I bet she has a lot of stories. If she’s too shy, I’ll tell her some of the mischief Justin Beaver and I have been into. Then she will not be afraid to tell me her stories.

I wonder where she’s been.

Her box looks a little ripped up, but it is a nice box. I think she must know how to read and write. There’s a lot of writing on her box and letter blocks on the outside. I travel in a lightweight cardboard box. Nothing fancy, but I’m a boy. I told Mom that we get tossed around quite a bit when we fly, so she learned not to send me in expensive or sentimental boxes like Julene’s.

I wonder what she packed.

I hope she’s not sick. She has a bottle of pills. I will be very careful not to play rough with Julene. She rolls her clothes. Mom learned that trick, too from a friend who was in the U.S. Navy. I guess it saves room, but it makes our boxes so soft and cuddly. I love to scrunch up with all my clothes and stuff around me, just like Julene does.

I wonder if she brought a raincoat?

It’s raining today. We are going to stay inside where it is dry and eat Christmas dinner. Julene got here just in time. It’s supposed to snow on Monday. I love to slide in the snow. If I get a horse for Christmas, Julene and I can go ride it. I’m not an expert yet but next month I’m taking riding lessons on Biasini from Ma Leueen. Maybe Julene can go to Florida, too.

I wonder…


To learn more about #Writephoto, visit Mom’s friend KL Caley. I like her blog name. It says “New2Writing.” I am new 2 writing, too – kinda. I did some stuff when I was younger, but Mom and Ralph and Miss Ute and Miss Carol helped me a lot.

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