Biasini Talks on His Blob

You may know this. Biasini is a horse, and he writes blob posts just like I do. This is his latest post. I love all that snow. He and Ma Leueen gave me permission to reblob this post.

Biasini Speaks: Let me tell you..

Hello Dear Humans! Let me tell you ….I have been busy busy busy with all the things I have been up to. First of all we have had snow. Ma Leueen likes to go out to the forest when it has snowed. I do too. Here is a photo of our snow walk.

I also got Ma Leueen to take some video of our snow walk. I told her a couple of things that I wanted you to know. So she is speaking in the video.

I really enjoyed our walk in the snow. But I knew what was coming when we got back to the barn! I’m not capable of seeing into the future but I knew I was going to get my full clip to take all my winter fur off. How did I know? The day before I had to have a bath! I hate baths but I behaved as well as I could. Then Ma Leueen put some blankets on me and put me back in my stall. Later she came in and said my fur was not drying fast enough. So I had to go back to the bathing stall. I was pretty grumpy about that.

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