Mom’s Interview Series #18: Biasini and the Horse Addict

Hi, I’m Manny, Mom’s Teddy Bear. She has a blog too, or blob, as Biasini calls it. I had so much fun interviewing Biasini. He’s a horse, you know. He really talks and is soooooo smart, just like me.

Mom says I’ll get in trouble with the internet police if I copy her post even though I did the interview. Is that fair? So I copied just a little part of the interview and put a link to the rest of it.

Mom thinks I should start up my blob again. I think she just wants me to quit sleeping and move out of her bedroom.

You should see all the stuffeds that sleep in hers and Dad’s room. It’s like a zoo.

My Interview with Biasini

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“Hi, I’m Manny. I love to read, especially about horses. I’d like to ride Biasini.

Today we welcome Biasini and his human, Anne Leueen, on her blog, The Horse Addict as our guest challenge hosts.

Wait! Wait! Mom, who’s doing this interview, you or me? Biasini and his human, Ma Leueen, guest hosted one of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge themes. That’s pretty cool that he got to do a guest host on their challenge. Mom, I want to do that, too.

Manny, today is about your new friend Biasini, not you. Biasini has contributed to their challenge and you just woke up. Now show our friend that you can stay on task and welcome Biasiani and his ma to our interview today.

Okay, okay. Please make Biasini and Ma Leueen feel right at home here by leaving them lots of comments and following the links to visit their blog, Horse Addict. We will leave you lots of links and pictures so you can’t get lost. Now let’s learn a little about their backstories. What’s a backstory, Mom? Is it because his Ma rides on his back all the time?

Just read the questions, Manny. You’ll find out all about both Biasini and his ma.

Sure, Question One, Biasini: What prompted you to get into blogging? I mean, you’re a horse.

True, but you’re a teddy bear and here you are. I started contributing to Ma Leueen’s blob after hearing the Humans at the barn talking about it all the time. I thought that I could add in the point of view of the horse and that lots of Humans might like that. I know the Humans call it a Blo Guh but I prefer to call it a Blo Buh. Why? Well just because it is ….a blob. A blob of information and the horse’s point of view.

Thanks for coming by.

18 thoughts on “Mom’s Interview Series #18: Biasini and the Horse Addict

  1. Hi Manny! I didn’t know about your blog until your mom Marsha added the link so I could find it. You blog looks like so much FUN!! I’m following you now and I’m so excited! Thank you for sharing your wonderful interview with Biasini! ❤️🐴

    1. I’m so excited to see you here, Miss Diana. Biasini just invited me to come to visit him when he goes to Florida. I’m so excited! Soooooooo excited. I’m bouncing up and down on Mom’s bed pretending to ride a horse. I have got to practice! Are you going to be in Florida, too, Miss Diana? I can’t believe I met a real horse who wants me to come to see him! Thanks for writing. Love, Manny

      1. AWW, thank you Manny and how EXCITING!! No, I won’t be in Florida but maybe someday I’ll be able to meet Biasini and his Ma in person! It’s so easy for you to travel and bouncing up and down is a good start to practice riding Biasini!! I’m so excited for you, how TOTALLY FUN!! 🤩

      1. I stay pretty clean most of the time, Miss Leya, but when I did photo ops all the time, I didn’t mind getting into a little dirt. hehehe. Actually, I had a pretty good time in the bath. Takes forever to get dry, though! 🙂 thank you for reading my post. It was sure fun.

    1. Not yet, Miss Leya. Did I write you an answer already? Sometimes blobbing is soooo confusing. Mom’s comments get all messed up with mine. I’m so happy to have you here. Love Manny xxx

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