Hold On To That Train Of Thought, Manny

Manny no sooner finished eating his clam chowder when the whistle blew, and he felt like an earthquake hit.

“Hey, Hal, slow this train down!  I’m getting sick, but I think I can jump down, and make it outside if you just slow down!”

Bumpy ride2

Manny slid off the table in a heap, and crawled to the opening at the end of the caboose.

“I’m outside, Manny.  I’m not driving!” Hal answered

“Who’s driving this thing?  Did we get rear ended?  It’s a little better out here.  At least the air is fresher.”

Bumpy ride

Hal yelled in from outside over the bump, bump, bump of the train thumping down the track.  “Maybe your mother is driving.  She has a lead foot.” Hal said.

“What are these holes in the floor?  I smell smoke, dust, and cows.  Maybe we ran over a cow.  I’ll drive.”

Caboosebear Manny

Manny thought he took control of the situation.  Little did he know what drove the train.

Lead foot

“There is a serious crisis up here at the station, Manny.  You need to get out and hide!” Hal shouted.

Mail Order Manny1

Manny couldn’t imagine what Hal saw that made him shout, but he hopped off before the train stopped and ran over to the Post Office to hide.  Soon he was swept off his feet and onto another train.

Bye bye Manny

“Whee, whee, whee.”  Manny was gone.  But soon the mail sacks opened and workers began sorting the mail.

Fugitive Manny

The workers were busy talking, and soon went off to another area to take a break.  Hal rescued Manny, and they went to find the next train departing.

Conductor Hal

This big machine let out a welcoming burp.  Manny stopped to swing a minute before crawling inside.

Manny on Board2

“This is fun, Hal.  You should try it.”

“Just get inside quickly, Manny.  You never know when your luck will run out!  You may be working on a chain gang, if you don’t get off there.”  Hal threw Manny inside an engine just as the guards walked by.

“You need to move on, Sir.  There’s a dangerous fugitive loose in these parts.”

“I’d better get on my way then.”  Hal answered.

Engineer Manny2

Manny scrambled into the seat next to the engineer.  “What’s this knob?”

“The brake.”

“What do these numbers mean?”

Engineer Manny4



“You ask too many questions, Bear.  You look kind of familiar.  Haven’t I seen your face somewhere?”

Engineer Manny

Manny jumped onto another train as it passed by, and waved good-bye.   “I just got here from California.  I don’t know how you could know my face.  I must look like some other bear you know.”

Manny_Marsha Penn Railroad

Manny, I’ve looked all over for you.  What have you been doing all this time?

Manny Wanted;)

“Nothing, Mom.  Just prowling around with Hal at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.”






22 thoughts on “Hold On To That Train Of Thought, Manny

  1. That is a really exciting story Manny, especially when you were almost mailed to Spain again. Happy Easter to everybody. Love Fanny, Stanley and Ralph xxxx ❤

    1. Happy Easter to all of you, Uncle Ralph, Fanny and Stanley. I’m glad you liked my story. We had lots of fun. Hal has tons of stuffeds, too. Wait till you see the party he held for me. It reminded me of the fun parties we had at your house! 🙂 xxx

    1. I ran around like crazy that day, believe me Rosy. The amazing thing was that Hal kept up with me, and he’s 89! 🙂 Good thing to have a cousin so full of life at such an old age. I want to grow up just like him! 🙂

      1. Well – I hope to have all that energy at 89 too!
        Awesome that you have such a wonderful cousin to hang out with you.

    1. Hi Ute, I would have liked it better if you had been there to save me. I miss dancing with you. You are so beautiful and wonderful. No wonder all the stuffeds love you. 🙂

      1. You get gold when you dance? Cool. There is a couple where Mom dances that must take tests, too. Mom used to take tests in roller skating dance. She had a gold bar.

      2. Wow Rollerskating dance. Super!
        Well if I pass I will get gold- a certificate, in freestyle that is next week, and on tap I am on Gold bar 2 now. That will be in June!
        Dancing is great !

      3. So awesome! Mom and I are both impressed! She said she took tap lessons in third grade. I wonder how long ago that was. hehehe! She finally got Dad to agree to take some lessons. 🙂

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