Manny on Delaware Duty

A duty is a tour, staying in one place for a period of time.  Mom and I toured Delaware for one week.

Delaware Duty

Did you know Delaware joined the United States before any other state, but they drug their feet signing the Constitution?  I don’t know if that means anything now, but Delawareans must think it does.  All their license plates say “First State” like it’s a big deal.

Historic New Castle

I can’t tell the difference between Delaware and Pennsylvania.  One minute we are in one state, and then there is a sign by the road and we are in a different state.  I’m very confused.  All the towns look pretty and most of them look really old.  This town is New Castle.  I didn’t see any new castles or old ones either, just big brick houses.

ddays tavern3

Hal let me eat at a tavern, but he made me drink coffee and eat soup – no beer.  The soup was too hot, so I blew on it real hard.  I got some pieces on Hal’s sweater, but he wiped them off, and didn’t get mad at me.  He squirted me with a lemon, so we’re even.

Mannys first bite


Inside the tavern the servers looked old – really old, like 300 years old or so.  Mr. Day, the tavern owner, said they brought history to life.  I wonder if someone will pretend to be me when I die.

jessups tavern2

I wanted to go talk to this re-enactor, but  Mom said he was just himself.  He looked like a character to me.  Do you think he was real?

old character

I think it would be hard to ride bicycles here.  Look at this rocky road.  Is that where rocky road ice cream came from?

Newcastle DE1


Mom, Hal, and I had a great time touring New Castle, DE.  The Courthouse is going to become a National Park.  This town looks like Colonial Williamsburg, but Hal doesn’t want it to become famous, so please don’t go visit it.

Mom and Manny

Writing stories when you travel is really easy.  I wish you would send me a story you wrote.  Here is the way I write a story.

Step One –  Look at a picture.  Tell what you think about it.

Step Two – Look at another picture.  Tell what you think about it.

Step Three – Look at what you wrote and see how it starts to become a story or narrative.

Step Four – Go back to the beginning of the page.  Write a topic sentence.

Step Five – Put some more pictures that finish telling the story, and save the rest of the pictures for another story.

Step Six –  Write a conclusion, and then press publish.  The proof reader makes you fix your spelling.  Press publish again.


10 thoughts on “Manny on Delaware Duty

    1. She’s beautiful. She wears trees and flowers. In the winter you can see right through her, but leaves are coming out now. (I can still see through her!) xxx Manny

    1. I’m home now, Ute, Mom promised me I could use the computer, but I want to travel some more. I met a woman from China who wants to take me there. So many places to go, and only one me! 🙂

    1. I made Hal a little mad. He thought I was snotty about Delaware being the first state. Do you think I was snotty? Mom said I should apologize, but I didn’t mean it to be snotty.

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