What Was I Supposed to Do to Get Noticed?

The last time Mom went on a “work” vacation she forgot me.  How can a mom do that, anyway?  Well I figured out how to get back at her.

Where's Manny

You know it.  I ran away.   I know it made Roo sad.  And I know what you’re thinking.  If Mom is so bad, why didn’t I take Roo?  Well, it’s hard enough to get down off this mantle without having to cart too much stuff.  I had to pack my suitcase, and that’s heavy.  But I found the perfect place to go.

Manny found

She’ll never guess until it’s too late.



16 thoughts on “What Was I Supposed to Do to Get Noticed?

  1. Hi Manny. Who’s a clever bear then ? Mom will never look for you in there !! When Mom finds you, tell her that it’s all Ralph’s fault then you won’t get into trouble for stowing away. Love Fanny and Stanley ❤ xxx

    1. Hi Uncle Ralph,
      Mom always goes there first. I hardly ever get blamed for anything anymore. It’s always, “Ralph must have taught him that! If I ever I meet that man…” I don’t know what she means by that, but I don’t get spanked anymore! ‘Course some of the punishments I get now might be worse… hmmm Thanks a lot, Uncle Ralph. 🙂 High Five Bear Hugs xxx

      1. Uncle, Ralph, you are asking the impossible, aren’t you? Be good! BORING! But, you forget, Mom is smart. She says she knows all the tricks in the book. I always get caught, unless I’m out of town, then Mom threatens me that I’d better behave or else. I behaved at your house, didn’t I, Uncle Ralph? At least pretty much! BTW I didn’t like being in the vacuum cleaner. ;( Manny xxx

    1. You do, Mrs. ET. In fact, maybe you messaged right to my brain. 🙂 Of course, Mom didn’t think of looking there until she read your message. So thanks a lot, Mrs. ET. So far, so good, though. She hasn’t made me get out. Do you think there is trouble brewing? xxx Manny

      1. I’m here at the airport in Fresno. Look on FB. 🙂 Mom just posted my picture. We’re having an early lunch before we go. It’ s going to be a long day. We get to Boston 9 hours from now. 🙂 I’m so excited! 🙂 Boston! WOW!

      2. Melissa says you think you’re having a long day. She got out of bed on Sunday 30 March and flew home via Miami, Dallas, LA to Brisbane. The next time she got into bed it was Tuesday night, 1 April! She sends you lots of Disney love.

    1. Danny, Just fly across the Atlantic. I’ll catch you! OK really Mom will meet you at the airport in Boston! Look at FB. Mom posted a picture of me at the airport just now! 🙂

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