Mom Forgot Me

Mom went off to Lost Angeles last weekend.  She left me at home.  She was supposed to help me write a challenge for kids, and she was in some hotel instead.  She said she went to a Conference and I wouldn’t be interested.  I know she met interesting people like Mary Beth Tinker (who actually likes kids like me) because I heard her telling Dad, and I saw the picture on her computer.

Mary Beth Tinker

Mary Beth Tinker won the rights for students to express themselves when she was in junior high school at the same time Mom went to school.  Mom didn’t win any rights for anyone.   She sure isn’t doing the right thing for me now.  I’m sitting at home on the shelf with my hat from Spain on ready to go, and she’s GONE – AGAIN!


Did your Mom ever leave you home, when you thought she should take you?  How did you feel?  I’m really so mad right now I’m shouting inside!

22 thoughts on “Mom Forgot Me

  1. Poor Manny. Justin Beaver can sympathise with you because even though he got to go to Melbourne and meet Leanne Cole he wasn’t invited to the party on Saturday night. He had to stay in the hotel all on his own.

      1. Yeah like that’s gonna happen! 😉 What do you suggest, Justin? How do you train your mom? or is this Mrs. ET? Don’t you dare tell my mom I’m going to try to train her!!!! xxx Manny

      2. It’s Mrs ET here. Justin and I get along perfectly, probably because I’m his Personal Assistant, not his mother. I’m sure that makes a difference. The only thing he complains about is my photographic skills, mostly because he usually ends up out focus.

        As for training Marsha, maybe you should start dropping very big hints next time she is going away. Like sitting in her suitcase, or adding your name to her itinerary, and using the word ‘we’ when she talks about where she’s going. It’s the power of suggestion!

      3. HEHEHE. You are so wise, Mrs. ET. I’m hoping that she reads part of my blog – the part that says she’d better not forget me! I shared some secrets here, so I hope she doesn’t read it all! 🙂 BTW, between you and Mom, I think you are the best photographer. Justin shouldn’t complain. You should see some of the weird pictures Mom has taken of me. Not flattering! 🙂

      4. LOL Manny you are funny. You should see some of the photos I take of Justin. He is all blurry and the background is all clear. He isn’t happy when that happens. He even used some of the photos for a weekly photo challenge once. I think Marsha is doing a pretty amazing job too.

      5. I’ll look forward to it. I need to get busy and write something myself. Mom has been absolutely NO help recently. I hate to complain about her, but I got used to better treatment when I was with you, Ute and Ralph. Maybe I’m just growing up. Manny xxx

  2. You know Manny, your mum is only human and forgetful… like mine ( she is terrible) so settle in a nice cosy spot and read the book next to you, that’ll make you laugh until she comes back. hugs Danny

      1. UNCLE RALPH, I want her to read my blog! I need readers! She was my first follower. I love my mom! I don’t always read hers, though, but don’t tell her. Sometimes I just don’t get all the teacher stuff. I think Mom should just write about me, ok maybe about Kalev and Dad, too, but not about stuff I don’t know. Course I can write about stuff she doesn’t know about, huh, UR? 😉 big grin 😉 xxx Manny

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