Manny’s Writing Challenge: When Best Friends Fight

BV Bears Fight

Most of the time the Bears at Bellavista get along with each other and everyone else.  Sometimes they fight.  Yellow and Green fuss.  Yellow says Green started it.  Green says it wasn’t his fault.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  The rest of us  Stuffeds get tired of their constant bickering.

Today’s challenge is to write a story about a fight.  Maybe you can help Yellow and Green settle their differences and make up.  We want peace again at Bellavista.  Maybe you have another fight in mind.

Story requirements:

  • 500 words or less
  • use at least one picture
  • Title:   Manny’s Writing Challenge:  When Best Friends Fight
  • Theme ideas:  families, friendship, sibling rivalry, arguments, separation, respect, sharing, living together
  • Topic ideas:  Stuffed toys, Teddies, toys, dolls, real animals
  • Plot:  You decide.
  • Genre:  You might write an animal story, cautionary tale, humor, fractured fairy tale, poetry, story of noises, naughty behavior, or even non-fiction, or something else if you like

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