“Can I Sleep Over At Justin’s Tonight?”

Mom is experimenting on my blog again.  This picture book doesn’t have enough pictures.  Can you draw some pictures?  Every time you read “Spread” you need a new picture.   I will put some pictures of Justin and me to help you.  You can draw pictures of you and your friend if you would rather.

Manny's messy room

Spread 4-5  Manny’s friend Justin called.

“Manny, can you sleep over tonight?”

“Justin, I’m sorry.  We’re going to Germany.”

“Germany? No you’re not.  You’re scared to ask your mom.”

“I am not!” Manny shouted, and he hung up the phone.


Spread 6-7  He wanted to go to Justin’s sleepover.

“Mom, Justin invited me to sleep over tonight.  Can I go?”

“Is your room clean?” Mom asked.


Spread 8-9  Manny stomped into his room.  He kicked the toys like they were wrong.

Crash Boom Crash boom, Crash boom Bop went the toys.

“Stupid toys!”

“Manny, stop stomping and clean your room!” Mom shouted from the kitchen.


Spread 10-11   Manny bounced on the clean clothes folded on his bed – with his shoes on!

Squeaky, Squeaky, Squeaky. Squawk went the bed.

“Bouncing is fun!”

“Manny stop bouncing and clean your room.” Mom shouted from the laundry.


Spread 12-13  Manny found a sack of peanuts under the bed.  He ate peanuts and threw shells out the window.

Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy, Plop went the peanuts.

“Peanuts taste good!”

“Manny, stop throwing shells and clean your room.”  Mom shouted from the backyard.


Spread 14-15  The phone rang.

“Did you ask your mom?” Justin asked.

“Yep, she said she was going to be sick that day.”

“No one knows when they will be sick. Go ask again.”


Spread 16-17  Manny tiptoed down the hall to clean his room first.  He shoved clean clothes in the dresser.  He could almost shut the drawer.  He pushed his toys into the closet.  A truck stuck out of the door. He smoothed the blankets on his bed.  A mound bunched in the middle.


Spread 18-19 “Mom, my room’s clean now.”

“Let’s check.  Open the drawer.”

Oh no, the drawer fell and clothes dumped in a pile.

Mom turned and left.


Spread 20-21  Manny sat in the middle of the room banging his head on the clothes.  He wanted to go to the sleepover. The phone rang.

“Did you ask her yet?”

“Yes.”  Manny told the truth.

“So you can come?”

“NO!  I have to clean my room.”

“OH NO!  Your room is a mess.  I’m coming over.”



Spread 22-23  Justin helped Manny fold clothes.  They lined them neatly in the drawer by color.   Manny opened the closet.

“You need a box, Manny.”


Spread 24-25  Manny ran to the garage.  He found three boxes.

“Perfect!” Justin clapped his hands.

Manny and Justin sorted toys.  They put vehicles in one box, Legos in a different box, and video games in the third box.  Now his shoes fit in the closet, too.


Spread 26-27  Justin crawled under the bed.  He threw out old food and paper plates.  Manny swept and dusted, and made the bed.

Spread 28-29 “Mom, I’m done.”

“Let’s check,” Mom said.   “Looks lovely.”

Manny opened the closet.

Mom nodded and smiled.

Manny opened the drawer where his clothes lay sorted by colors.


Spread 30-31  Manny I’m proud of you.  You too, Justin.”

“Can I sleep over at Justin’s?”

“Can you keep your room organized?”

“I can, Mom.  Justin taught me.”


Spread 32  “Then you can go.”

Manny and Justin rushed over for hugs.

Many and Junstin find food

copyrighted 2014, Marsha Ingrao

How do you picture my room before and after I cleaned it?  Submit your pictures in the comment section, on your website with a link, my mom at tchistorygal@gmail.com, or like my mom on Facebook  and post it on your Facebook site.

How does your room look?

4 thoughts on ““Can I Sleep Over At Justin’s Tonight?”

    1. Pure fiction, Mrs. ET. You know me better than that! Mom thought it was funny! I didn’t like it one bit! OK maybe I am a little messy once in a while, but not THAT bad! It thought it was good that I helped him last time, and he helped me this time. 🙂 Manny 🙂

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