Manny’s Writing Challenge: Slats

Wuerzburg slats1

Justin and I found slats everywhere we looked in Würzburg, Germany.  Maybe you’d like to write a picture about the slats we found, or maybe you have some slats of your own.  Here is a writing contest with no rules.  What can you do with slats?  Here are some more pictures of Justin and me in Würzburg.   Mr. and Mrs. ET took these pictures this summer.  The temperature today is 40 degrees F, 7 degrees C.  It is partly cloudy today.  It sounds just like home.

Wuerzburg slats2

“Würzburg is a city in the region of Franconia, Northern Bavaria, Germany. Located on the Main River, it is the capital of the Regierungsbezirk Lower Franconia. The regional dialect is Franconian.”  Franconian sounds kind of like Draconian to me.  It makes me think of Dracula.    What do you think of Wuerzburg?  Notice I spell it with an e instead of two dots over the u.  Sometimes it is spelled with an o as in Worzburg.

Wuerzburg slats 3

Now you know exactly here we are.  Würzburg is now known as the “City of Knowledge.”  In 1042 the sixth institute of higher learning started in Wuerzburg.  I read about it on Wikipedia. Other things happened there, too, that weren’t so smart.  Between 1626 and 1631 Bishop Phillip Adolf burnt between six and nine hundred witches.  Würzburg is only 75 miles away from Nuremberg.   I also learned that in Nuremberg Allied Forces  held a series of military tribunals to prosecute the Nazis who murdered over six million Jews during World War II.  Adolf Hitler headed the Nazi regime from 1933 until he killed himself in 1945.   I will study more about this in school.  I’m glad my mom didn’t name me Adolf.   Here is my favorite slat picture.

Wuezburg slats 4


This next picture is cool because I see a ghost in it.  I bet it’s one of the witches that died in 1630.  She’s wearing a witch’s hat.  Can you see it?

Wuezburg slats 5


So what do you think?  Can you write something about my slats pictures?  Do whatever you want.  Tell your friends and have them write me a story or a poem.  I love to read what you write.  🙂

9 thoughts on “Manny’s Writing Challenge: Slats

      1. I really don’t know. Scream like a girl (Oh wait – I am a girl – LOL), roll into a little ball & hope that she didn’t see me & start praying.
        Happy to hear that she was a good witch & not a bad one.

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