Manny’s Haikus


Mounds of purple leaves

Flutter to the ground below

Decorate the hill.

Writing haikus are easy.  You count syllables on each line.  Here is the recipe for making Haikus.

  1. Line one has five syllables.
  2. Line two has seven syllables.
  3. Line three has five syllables.

Most haikus have nature as their subject.  Let’s try one more.



Red bird with green wings,

You’re the brightest bird I’ve seen.

Would you like a leaf?

See how easy that is? Your haikus are probably better than mine.  I’m a teddy bear, and I’m only seven.  Mr. and Mrs. ET took these pictures of me.  Do you like the flowers?  Just send me a link to your blog so other people will see  what you write.

P1030723What can you say about this picture?

13 thoughts on “Manny’s Haikus

    1. My lovely Ute, You are not useless at or with anything. I love you! I guarantee you can write 17 syllables about nature. It will be beautiful. Write them in German! 🙂 Love and bear hugs, Manny xox

    1. That was perfect Uncle Ralph, but I was not sitting on the grass, I sat on the flowers. That word would not have made a good haiku, though.

      Ralph and Manny sat
      on the purple flowers in
      Toowoomba gardens.

      1. Uncle Ralph, You know I’m too young to work. Maybe I can make bow ties like the kid in Michigan or someplace. He’s famous. Mom and Ute said my poems were lovely. 😦 xxx

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