Manny’s Writing Challenge: Beauty



Story requirements:

  • 500 words or less
  • use at least one picture
  • Title:   Manny’s Writing Challenge:  Beauty
  • Topic:  Stuffed animals, Manny and Justin Beaver travel to Toowoomba, Australia is the Garden City of Australia.
  • Plot:  You decide.
  • Genre:  You might write a fractured fairy tale, poetry, story of noises, naughty behavior, or even non-fiction, or something else if you like
  • Your story should have a theme.
    • Is this a story about character traits, like honesty or manners?
    • Are Justin and I developing self-esteem and growing up as they travel?
    • Did we have an argument?
    • Did something scary happen and we act bravely?

Please use these pictures taken by Justin’s mom, Mrs. Eternal Traveler.  If you want to add more pictures you can.  Make sure you give credit for them.

8 thoughts on “Manny’s Writing Challenge: Beauty

    1. I am lucky. Have you ever been to Australia, Ralph? I want to go back. Mom says she wants to go over there some day. It is a very long ride, but Mr. and Mrs. ET are used to long rides. They made me very comfortable in their suitcase. I slept on the plane the whole way. 🙂 xxx

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