Friends in Frankfurt Short Story

SFW Manny in Frankfurt109

“Finally, no kids are here.  Let’s go on the slide, Justin.” Manny begged.

“I’m scared! It’s too high.  It’s too shiny.  We might get hurt.”

“Let’s just go to the top and see if it’s high.”

Justin and Manny climbed all the way to the top of the slide and sat down.

“I’m still scared.  It’s too high.  It’s too shiny.  We might get hurt.”

Justin climbed back down the stairs.  Manny followed him.  They played on some different toys.”

SFW Manny in Frankfurt107


They played on the teeter totter.   It went way up and way down.  Justin hung on tight.  Manny fell off.

“Did it hurt, Manny?”

Manny laughed.  “Sand is soft, Justin.  It’s fun.  Try it.”

They went way up and way down.  Justin went up and let go.  He fell off.

“Did it hurt, Justin?”

Justin laughed.  “Sand is soft, Manny.  It’s fun.  I tried it.”

SFW Manny in Frankfurt108


Next they climbed n a ship and tried to sail around the park.  the ship didn’t move.  They sat high in the front of the ship.    They turned wheels.  They climbed on the head of the ship and slid down holding on carefully back down to the ship.  They shouted in the loud speakers.

“Land ahoy!”

“I’m going to jump overboard, and swim back to the beach,” called Manny.

“Aren’t you scared?” asked Justin.

Manny laughed.  “Sand is soft, Justin.  It’s meant for falling.  Try it.  Wheeeeee.”

Manny jumped and landed face down in the sand.  He pretended to swim to the beach and played in the waves.

Justin saw Manny jump.  He heard Manny laugh.  He remembered the cool sand when he fell off the teeter totter.  Justin jumped off the front of the boat and landed face down in the soft sand.  He pretended to swim to the beach and played in the waves, too.

SFW Manny in Frankfurt110

Justin looked at the slide again.

“I think I’m ready to go down the slide now, Manny.”

They climbed to the very top of the slide, but did not climb back down the stairs.  They sat for a long time at the top of the slide looking down.

“I’m scared, Manny.”

“Me too.  Remember the teeter totter? asked Manny.

“Yes.  That was fun falling off.”

“Remember the ship?” asked Manny.

“Yes.  That was fun jumping off.  I’ll go first.  Don’t push me.”

“Ok.  I’ll just watch.”

SFW Manny in Frankfurt111

“Wheeeee!”  Justin slid down the slide all by himself.

Justin landed in the sand, face down.  He laughed so hard he couldn’t move.

“Come on down, Manny.  It’s so fun!”

Manny slid down the slide after Justin.


SFW Manny in Frankfurt104


Manny landed face down next to Justin.  They held hands and laughed and laughed.

“Let’s do it again, Manny!”

So Manny and Justin went up the stairs and down the slide until dark.

“I will not so afraid after this,” said Justin.

“We both are braver.  We took little jumps, then bigger, then the slide was the biggest of them all.”

“Maybe we will sky dive tomorrow,” said Justin.

“Maybe,” Manny answered.


12 thoughts on “Friends in Frankfurt Short Story

  1. Excellent! The next day, instead of skydiving, they went on a big cable car ride across the Rhine, and when they got to the other side of the river, they went over a day spa. They looked down and saw lots of naked Germans relaxing by the pool!

    1. Thanks Ute! 🙂 How’s school? How are all your teddies? Any new trips recently. I’ve been so busy here, I haven’t been blogging as much as I like. 🙂 I wish I was a free to travel as Manny! 🙂

      1. No travelling at the moment….. my passport needs renewing, so I have to wait for my appointment in the German embassy…. but then i shall be off again…. can’t wait. Hope you still fond time to do things for yourself. Sending you hugs 😊

  2. Hi Manny 😀 Your mom said that we should have a private chat. I don’t think so, as I am so naive and innocent……not like you 😉 You were very brave to go down that slide. I’m impressed !! Ralph xxx

    1. Dear Uncle Ralph,
      The truth is that after I went down the slide, Mr. and Mrs. ET took us in a huge box that rode on a high wire across parts of Frankfurt. I saw a nude beach. I can’t tell Mom, but I thought you might appreciate it. Next time you go to Germany, you can check it out. Mr. and Mrs. ET laughed a lot, and then covered our eyes, but I peeked through the cracks. 🙂 xxx

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