Manny’s Writing Challenge: Friends in Frankfurt

Justin Beaver (JB) and I are friends.   I live in California, and JB lives in Australia.  We write blogs and talk to each other almost every day.  We decided to write stories about our travels, but there are so many ways to write a story.  We got confused.  Would you help us write a story?

SFW Manny in Frankfurt105

Story requirements:

  • 500 words or less
  • use at least one picture
  • Title:   Manny’s Writing Challenge:  Friends in Frankfurt
  • Topic:  Stuffed animals, Manny and Justin Beaver travel to Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Plot:  Manny and Justin have a whole city to explore and don’t know where to go.
  • Genre:  You might write a fractured fairy tale, poetry, story of noises, naughty behavior, or even non-fiction, or something else if you like
  • Your story should have a theme.
    • Is this a story about character traits, like honesty or manners?
    • Are Justin and I developing self-esteem and growing up as they travel?
    • Did we have an argument?
    • Did something scary happen and we act bravely?

Please use these pictures taken by Justin’s mom, Mrs. Eternal Traveler.  If you want to add more pictures you can.  Make sure you give credit for them.

Publish your story on your blog, or send it to my mom,, or post it in the comment section, if you want.

Please link back to my blog so that other people can read your story.  I can’t wait to read YOUR stories about ME!

You can use my widget.  I made them in several sizes, and you can post them on your website. Be sure to link back to my website in the URL of the picture so that others can join the writing challenge.

Manny's Writing Challenge

Manny's Writing Challenge-med

Manny's Writing Challenge Widget

I will try to create a new challenge for you each week on Sunday.



12 thoughts on “Manny’s Writing Challenge: Friends in Frankfurt

  1. Hi Manny 😀 I am not sure whether I can participate in this project as I am knee deep in New Posts and emails which I want to clear this week. To tell you the truth I am full up with doughnuts and sleep all the time. Don’t tell Mom. okay ? Love Ralph xxx

    1. Uncle Ralph, you would be the perfect person to write a challenge. You are so funny. I won’t tell Mom about the doughnuts, though. You need to wake up, Ralph. I’m going to come over there and pounce on your tummy. I’m calling Fanny right now. She’ll do it for me. 🙂 Manny xxx

      1. I know Manny. I have never participated in a challenge before as I never seem to have the time. Get off Fanny !! She’s jumping up and down on my tummy !! 😀

    1. You can still enter, JB. Just write a story on your blog. If you have one then put the link in my comments! You are the BEST person to write a story! 🙂 Everyone wins, BTW 🙂

  2. Can’t guarantee that I can join in to all of the challenges, but I have added the logo to my blog and the Sunday Photo Fiction blog

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