Dizzy in Disney World

I was dizzy in love in Disney World.  Carol’s daughter, Melissa took me there all by myself.  However since Carol and my Mom are now sisters, that makes her my cousin, so we are just kissing cousins.


I got to go on a very long ride on a ship.  I like ships except I am a little afraid of falling overboard.  Melissa let me look out of the window of our cabin instead.  I got a little seasick on the ship, so I had to stay in most of the time.  Melissa didn’t take any pictures of me getting sick.


Once we got to Disney World, I wanted to see stars.  How many stars do you see?  I thought I was just dizzy, I counted so so many!


Famous stuffeds swarmed the place.  There were some famous humans, too.


I even saw stars in this photo.  Do you see them?

Thanks, Melissa for taking me on a great trip.

15 thoughts on “Dizzy in Disney World

  1. Sorry about the seasick parts & glad that Melissa didn’t capture that in photo.
    But – between all of that – it sounds like you had a wonderful time. 🙂

    1. Oh, Rosy, I love ships. I want to be a cruise ship captain when I grow up. I could travel all over the world with lots of fun people, and drive a big ship. I’d be in stuffed heaven. How is your weather today? Are you cold? I bet you could use some of my fur! 🙂 Manny 🙂

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