How Manny Conquers Fear

Not much scares a Stuffed.  I am very brave.  Today I didn’t feel so brave.  This creature was not friendly and fuzzy like me.  I thought he might bite me and poison me so he could eat me.  Fortunately Justin came along to help me out of there just in time.

Step One:  Sometimes you just have to sit still and wait.  The enemy will be thrown off, and your friends will try to save you.


This was another time I hung onto my heart for dear life.  I don’t have great balance.  I knew if I fell from this height I would never see my mom and dad agin.  I kept leaning forward so I would not fall off.

Step Two:  Stay balanced.  Don’t go jump into or off of everything you see. 


Would you like to write stories about me?  Just look at my pictures, and write your own story or poem.  If they are very long, you can email them to my mom at  Otherwise you can write them in the comment section or link to your website.

What would you write about these pictures of me in Toowoomba?

12 thoughts on “How Manny Conquers Fear

  1. That creature is a bearded dragon…which makes him sound much fierce than he really is. I think he was as frightened of you as you were of him Manny. You are very brave though to sit so close to him, because I wouldn’t do that! I’m a chicken! Mrs ET.

  2. You were soooo brave Manny 😀 I wouldn’t have sat on that rail without a parachute aaand to fight such a dragon !! I am speechless !! Big hug. Fanny xox

    1. Hi Fanny! I miss you. Are you going to come see me? I could take you all kinds of places. I promise I won’t let you fall – unless you have a parachute, that is! 🙂

      1. I am. I would fill up one of Daddy’s suitcases. Stanley is tiny, smaller than you Manny and he likes chocolate as well 😀

  3. It is lovely to see a beardy in nature, you know they are very loving animals. We used to have one, but when you visited she was gone over the rainbowbridge unfortunately. I do know you are almost fearless and I amire you Manny. It is a bit lonely around here without you , but I am glad I can read your blog. Love Danny

    1. Hi Dan, ole man,
      Buddy I miss you too. I’m glad you like my blog. You could write posts on your mom’s blog to tell me how things are going over there. That beardy was really something. I thought it was going to get me for sure. So you aren’t scared of them? I’m going to have to buck up and be a bigger bear next time I see something with pokey skin. 🙂 Take care, Buddy! 🙂

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